PPR pipes

Polypropylene plastic pipe systems are ideal for hot and cold water distribution in buildings, industries, heating systems and ice water.

Characteristics and advantages of the system:

  • It does not corrode.
  • Low load loss due to lower friction than traditional materials.
  • Flexible, light weight, easy to assemble, fast and clean.
  • Resistant to aggressive environments (for example, in agricultural applications).
  • Durability of 50 years.
  • Unquestionably hygienic product.
  • Little noisy, with little loss of load due to friction.
  • Ecological product (possibility of recycling).

PVC pipes

The use of PVC pipes is limited, since they have great rigidity in the plastic, raising their sensitivity to shock and easily break independently of their use.

PVC is made up of two elements (salt and oil) that can be harmful to the environment because it is not biodegradable and another aspect is that the cement that is used for the joints can fail easily and is usually harmful to health.