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Eurotubos Industrial is a company that manufactures and commercializes random polypropylene plastic pipes (PP-R) since 2011, located in the Dominican Republic, composed of a team of collaborators who work day and night to offer the best anti-leak product.

The pipes are manufactured in our instalations allowing a differentiating feature on quality, manufacturing capacity and supply.

Eurotubos is the most complete line in the Dominican Republic, with operating diameters of 20 to 160 millimeters.


Our company is committed to quality, preservation of the environment and natural resources; able to satisfy all the needs of our target market, both in the quality of the product and in the excellent service, guaranteeing the development and continuity of the organization Ensuring working conditions for our staff and contributing to the well-being of the community.


Being a leader organization in PP-R manufacturing and complements in the national market and one of the higher competitive internationally which provides a product of excellent quality, with a team working in an environment of honesty and respect to all the people in the world and our commitment to the service to our customers.


  • Passionis the force that moves men and women with their daily work. Passion is materialized in that extra mile that we put each day in our tasks, the enthusiasm in the team work facing our duty and the care we put into every detail to exceed the expectations of our customers..
  • Integrity: Means the guide that leads the honest, responsible and transparent behavior of all the workers in EUROTUBOS INDUSTRIAL. Integrity is evident in the coherence that exists between our actions and the beliefs that support mission, vision and values. Integrity is the norm that leads the relationship with ours customers, suppliers, employees and accionists. It is also, a corporate decision that determines the behavior of ours teamwork as socially responsible individuals and on which we established the coherent behavior front ours customers, suppliers, collaborators and the environment.
  • Customer orientation: Eurotubos, we´re moving forward to the global trends, attending the needs and expectations of national and international consumers, who leasd us to study permanently the preferences, patterns and changes in consumer habits that predominate in this market. Eurotubos is always willing to serve its customers, to provide solutions to their daily problems, aware that customers are the reason for the company..
  • Authenticity: Eurotubos has developed a particular method of business, cultivating the confidence and credibility of ours customers in the products and services we offer. The authenticity of the action is determined by the humble and sustainable behavior of the team, which has led to transcendent results, capturing the confidence of the clients, perceiving it daily with their preference and company.
  • Innovation: It´s the response given to the requirements that open the market and constitutes the main resource for a competitive and globalized work. Innovation is not just a word that is part of our discourse, but the commitment to always go one step ahead with the objective of constantly surprising customers.
  • Leadership: For Eurotubos to be a leader implies becoming a benchmark in the market as a socially responsible citizen and as a sustainable business model. Proactive action and our vision of the future have allowed us to have an impact on the market by becoming the benchmark that guides the development of the PPR pipe sector.
  • Quality: Is present in everything we do from the use of global standards in the execution of our processes to the way we present and offer our products and services.
  • Commitment: Develop activities that have a direct impact on improving the quality of life of our clients. Our commitment is reaffirmed every day with an ethical business exercise, with an integrity behavior as a responsible citizen, with our task of ensuring the welfare of our people and with the investments and development projects that ratify our responsibility with the development of the nation.